Who am I


Hi, I am Ioana. Fancy meeting you here.

Born and raised in Romania, I moved to Switzerland 6 years ago, and still trying to figure it out whether I like it or hate it here.

Some people love me, some like me, others hate me. I sometimes say (and do) crazy things, but I will never pretend to be someone I am not, so take it or leave it.

I have an amazing family that I miss every single day, a job which I cannot complain about and the best boss ever.

Given to me as a birthday present (special thanks to Bogdan Birta and Emilia Cotul), I will use this blog as my personal space, where I can write about my experiences, interests and passions. As the name suggests, this blog is literally about everything starting with food and wine, travels and daily thoughts ( I have quite a few of those).

Even if my mother tongue is Romanian, I have decided to write in English, as I feel I can express myself better this way.