This short thing called life

  My friend’s partner died recently. He was young, fit, full of life. He was a beautiful man, inside and out; the kind of man they do not make anymore. He was training at the gym when he collapsed…. 38 years old. We live in a hurry, everything is a rush nowadays. Always busy, always […]

New Year, New You

My New Year usually starts on January, 13th and that is not because I celebrate the Old New Year, but because I was born on January 13th. For me that is really the day when another year has passed by and something new begins. When I was young (er) I used to make all kind […]


As a child born in Eastern Europe during Communism, I haven’t really known much about other countries. Later, in school I was taught all the countries and their capital cities. I started to be fascinated and always wondered how they really looked like in real and not on a map. After 1989, when Ceausescu was […]