Food in India

On my first trip to India I had about a quarter of my suitcase filled up just with pills-digestives, probiotics; honestly I think I had the whole pharmacy with me. Not to mention the 4 packs of Imodium, because who wants to suffer from Delhi belly….

Now, after being there for 5 times I know exactly what to eat, where to eat, which foods get me going (to the loo) and which ones burn like hell the next day (you know exactly what I mean). The only pills which are constantly in my bag are now the probiotics. And guess what: in case you need other medicine (like I did for catching up a bad cold), they also have pharmacies there. How about that?

Rajasthan is closest to my heart and Jaipur is more or less my second home; I have tried different restaurants while I was there and these are my favorites:

Are you a chicken tandoori fan? Kebabs & Curries Company in Raja Park has probably the yummiest, delicious, mouthwatering chicken tandoori. Their garlic naan is also to die for. The only strange thing is the mouth freshener you get at the end of your meal. It smells and tastes like soap- I swear. Used to find it strange at the beginning, now it kind of grew on me. Funny how tastes can change.

Butter chicken, you say? Yes, please. Give it a try at Pritam (also in Raja Park). Great garlic naan here as well.

You want to be a dragon and try something super spicy? Handi restaurant serves a delicious (but extremely hot) Laal Maas. You will be a hero the next day, trust me on this 😉

In case Indian food gets to be too much, do not worry; there are plenty of options to choose from.
If you want to splurge and have a fancy dinner, Rambagh is the place to be. Beautiful setting, amazing food, great wine and cocktail selection and perfect service. You will of course pay a different amount of money for all this, but I can honestly tell you that it is worth it.

This is how their breakfast looks like:

Bar Palladio, a restaurant and bar located within Narain Niwas Palace hotel is first of all a treat for the eyes, serving (besides the good cocktails and a decent Prosecco) a nice selection of Italian food. The outside setting is beautiful, so even if you do not want to dine there, just go for a cocktail and enjoy the atmosphere.

The Kitchen at Jaipur Modern positively surprised me with their fresh salads. Too bad the place was quite deserted.

Well, this was my list so far. Promise to check out more places next time I am there.