Food in India

On my first trip to India I had about a quarter of my suitcase filled up just with pills-digestives, probiotics; honestly I think I had the whole pharmacy with me. Not to mention the 4 packs of Imodium, because who wants to suffer from Delhi belly…. Now, after being there for 5 times I know […]

Wine-food for your soul

The ones who know me well enough, know that I love wine and could never say no to a good glass (well, who am I kidding: a bottle, actually). I know what I like, but also do not mind trying and discovering new wines and regions. But, it wasn’t always like this. Back in the […]

Maison Manesse- more than just a restaurant

Having dinner at Maison Manesse is like having dinner at your friend’s house. You will feel so welcome, so familiar, that it will be difficult to leave. It’s a small, cosy place where everything is possible and nothing is forced as they nicely describe it on their website. Serving experimental dishes, with 6, 7 or […]