All you need is love

My grandma used to say that marriage is like a barrel full of shit which has a thin layer of honey on top. In the first couple of years you eat all the honey and afterwards….well, you’ve got the point. Fr√©d√©ric Beigbeder was a little less graphic when he wrote “L’amour dure trois ans” (Love lasts 3 years).

So what happens after these 3 years? Do we really get bored that fast, does our ‘big’ love fade away? We live in a world where everything can be changed with better, newer models. Does this apply to relationships and people? Can we really find a better version of what we already have?

I often wondered if there was a magic formula for the perfect relationship, a thing that helps people grow old together and not getting bored after a couple of years. I mean, yes the newer IPhone is much better than the one you bought 4 years ago but it also has its flaws. And look at the Samsung 7, you are not even allowed to take it on the plane, because it explodes. So really, is it not better to keep the older model, the one you are used to for so many years, and you know how to work with it?

For me it’s easy, I know exactly what I want in a relationship: passion, communication, respect.¬†¬†Too bad that I still haven’t found it yet or not¬†the one¬†that lasted, at least.¬†But even after a shitty year on the personal level, which ended with a relationship with a male prostitute (yes, you heard me right and no, I had no idea); I still believe in love. I am a sucker for love and I am positive that it exists- that crazy, never felt before feeling, the passion, the magic.

One day I will find it, or it will find me. Love, that is.