Incredible India

As I tend to always choose new places and countries to visit, every time I come back my friends and family want to know how it was, if it was nicer or better than any other places I have been to. The thing is, you cannot compare. Each country has its charm, each place has something magic, each culture is different.

It’s been a week since I came back from India, and even if I wanted to write about my experience long time ago, I am still in a “don’t wake me up” kind of mood, and I felt that I might spoil it once I put everything in writing. I just did not want to return to real life, and strange as it may sound, I now know that real life is actually there and not here.

India hasn’t always been on the list of countries I wanted to visit. Of course, I always dreamed of seeing the Taj Mahal but besides that I did not know much about the country. And on top of that, all the news of raped foreigners and poverty put me off for years.


Something changed at the end of last year and I decided I would give it a try, plus I was already accustomed to the Indian food, which I absolutely love (too bad I am not a good cook). As I am quite a travel snob (sorry but you will never see me backpacking) I planned the whole journey with Round the World Experts, after having a great experience with them on my trip to South Africa, last year.
The holiday was thought of as a combination of cultural enrichment ( more on that later) and beach relaxation. I had 17 days of immersing in the surroundings, 17 days of being amazed of what India truly is, captivated by its history and architecture every step of the way. And on top of that, to experience Goa during the monsoon season…speechless.

A journey to India is like nothing else; it is a journey of the senses, a journey of experiencing emotions and never be the same again. It is an intense experience, which will affect you in a way that no other country did before.

As much as I would want to describe what I felt there, I simply cannot. The stories cannot tell you about their complex culture, their traditions and their rituals. Pictures cannot capture the warmth of Indian hospitality, the friendliness and the humbleness of the people. I met incredible people with impressive life stories, I had the chance to see how they live and tasted the best Masala chai, for which I am forever grateful (both for the people and the chai).


India has 2 types of travellers: the ones who will feel the urge to leave after a couple of days (weeks) and the ones who are planning a return trip in the near future. One thing is for sure: the only way to experience its intensity, be touched by the sights, sounds and spirituality and to feel her magic, it’s to be there.


India for me was not a journey, but a destination; a life altering experience and, to quote Coldplay – an adventure of a lifetime.

Wisdom on a shirt:


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