Dating in Switzerland

Dating in your 30’s is not that easy anymore. You are more pretentious, after all the bad relationships / marriage(s) you had, you know exactly what you want and you do not settle for less. Unless you are really desperate and hate to be single.

I do not know about other countries, but in Switzerland dating seems to be even more difficult. People are not interested in having relationships anymore or even think about having a family one day. They just want to have fun, enjoy the moment. I have met a lot of guys in their 40’s who told me that they do not need someone to control their life or nag about everything. They have a good job, nice income, holidays when they want and with whom they want, so what’s the point of committing into something that might not even work?

I am quite old fashioned, I dream about finding that special person and having a family one day ; enjoying the moment is not enough for me. But I did enjoy some very nice moments…

So where do you find a date, when you have a full time job, try to be social after work and go to the gym as well from time to time? The answer is online dating, and something which is more and more preferred and free of charge: Tinder.


Making a profile is not complicated, you just link it to your Facebook account and pick some photos of yourself that you think might do the trick. And start swiping: left if you do not like the guy and right if you do. If the guy likes you back, then it’s a match. And it all starts from there.

Do not have high expectations, though. You will be like : are you fucking kidding me more or less every 2 minutes. Most of the men there (cannot talk about women, as I do not know what they want) are looking for hook ups. They are pretty much straight forward in telling you that they are actually married or in a relationship and they want an affair. So take it or leave it. There are a few who think they are Mr Grey and promise you all kind of great sexual games, others who just want to lick Nutella out of you, and the list could go on.

But at the point when you almost give up, there comes a guy who seems normal and nice. You chat, you laugh, you have so many things in common so you decide to give it a try and go for a date.