This short thing called life


My friend’s partner died recently. He was young, fit, full of life. He was a beautiful man, inside and out; the kind of man they do not make anymore. He was training at the gym when he collapsed…. 38 years old.

We live in a hurry, everything is a rush nowadays. Always busy, always on our phones, laptops, tablets, dragging to work everyday and coming back home exhausted only to start over the next day. We want careers, a big house, a great car and everything which only money can buy. We are more and more drawn towards material possessions and on this run to achieve it we forget how to live. We think we are immortals, we think we have time, not knowing that it all can end in a blink of an eye.

Is it worth it? All this run for money, career, power? In the end you cannot take any of these with you. You can only take the memories, the love of the people you had in your life, the taste of your lover, the nights of passion, the places you’ve seen, the food you ate, the wine you drank, the music you danced to.

Slow down, breathe, be happy with today. Live it like it might be the last day you have. In the end you never know when that is. And most of all, love deeply, and start with loving yourself!