The man of my dreams

I dream about him often, so often that he feels so real. He is so hot and so charming, most of the time it feels strange that he is even mine. The man in my dreams loves me unconditionally, and no matter how challenging his life is next to me, he never gives up.

I see myself in his eyes, I see the future and it is oh, so wonderful. When he touches me, my heart skips a beat and I start trembling without knowing why. When I am at work, he sends me cheeky messages, those kind of messages that make me blush, dreaming about what will happen when I get back home. He kisses me with such a passion and such a desire, like there is no tomorrow. He knows me when I am sad, and he knows that I only need his hug and him telling me that everything will be fine.

The man of my dreams can tell when I am angry, so he hands me a glass of my favourite red wine and leaves me alone for about 30 minutes or just listens to me complaining. He makes me the best version of myself and believes in me even when I do not.

He helps me cook, which usually ends up in a kitchen disaster, but in a very hot night. He loves to dance with me, play with me, laugh with me and do all the stupid things with me, because I am his best friend, always knowing what he needs and wants.

The man of my dreams is spontaneous, always ready for a weekend away, but he also does not mind being lazy, so we would spend a whole weekend in bed or on the couch, watching movies or playing video games.