New Year, New You

My New Year usually starts on January, 13th and that is not because I celebrate the Old New Year, but because I was born on January 13th. For me that is really the day when another year has passed by and something new begins.

When I was young (er) I used to make all kind of resolutions; hell my whole life was planned since I was 18. By 25 I should have been happily married, preferably with a child. Well, I was not that much far off. I got married when I was 23, but also got divorced at 25.

Afterwards, there was a new resolution- have to have my first child by the time I am 30. Well, I am turning 34 this year, I am still single, and not a chance of being pregnant. I stopped making New Year resolutions a few years back, when I realised that it makes no sense.

People make all kind of resolutions: I will be better this year, I will start doing sports and shed those extra pounds, I will travel the world, quit that job that I hate so much, I will be more compassionate when it comes to others, and the list could go on. And guess what, it all lasts for about a month, maximum. As of February, they all return to their old selves, forgetting what they promised at the beginning of the year. New Year, New You my ass! Ok there are also some exceptions, like in each and every case and I do admire those who can really stick to their promises.

So this year I haven’t promised myself anything. If something is to happen, it will happen. The one thing I will do though, is to live more.