The man of my dreams

I dream about him often, so often that he feels so real. He is so hot and so charming, most of the time it feels strange that he is even mine. The man in my dreams loves me unconditionally, and no matter how challenging his life is next to me, he never gives up. I […]

This short thing called life

  My friend’s partner died recently. He was young, fit, full of life. He was a beautiful man, inside and out; the kind of man they do not make anymore. He was training at the gym when he collapsed…. 38 years old. We live in a hurry, everything is a rush nowadays. Always busy, always […]

New Year, New You

My New Year usually starts on January, 13th and that is not because I celebrate the Old New Year, but because I was born on January 13th. For me that is really the day when another year has passed by and something new begins. When I was young (er) I used to make all kind […]


As a child born in Eastern Europe during Communism, I haven’t really known much about other countries. Later, in school I was taught all the countries and their capital cities. I started to be fascinated and always wondered how they really looked like in real and not on a map. After 1989, when Ceausescu was […]