How to mend a broken heart

We all loved at a certain point in our life, we all got our hearts broken. When 2 people come together they usually do it for the right reasons: they look for that special one, for their soulmate, for the perfect life partner. Everyone wants love, at the end of the day that is the […]

Food in India

On my first trip to India I had about a quarter of my suitcase filled up just with pills-digestives, probiotics; honestly I think I had the whole pharmacy with me. Not to mention the 4 packs of Imodium, because who wants to suffer from Delhi belly…. Now, after being there for 5 times I know […]

All you need is love

My grandma used to say that marriage is like a barrel full of shit which has a thin layer of honey on top. In the first couple of years you eat all the honey and afterwards….well, you’ve got the point. Frédéric Beigbeder was a little less graphic when he wrote “L’amour dure trois ans” (Love […]

Incredible India

As I tend to always choose new places and countries to visit, every time I come back my friends and family want to know how it was, if it was nicer or better than any other places I have been to. The thing is, you cannot compare. Each country has its charm, each place has […]

Wine-food for your soul

The ones who know me well enough, know that I love wine and could never say no to a good glass (well, who am I kidding: a bottle, actually). I know what I like, but also do not mind trying and discovering new wines and regions. But, it wasn’t always like this. Back in the […]

Maison Manesse- more than just a restaurant

Having dinner at Maison Manesse is like having dinner at your friend’s house. You will feel so welcome, so familiar, that it will be difficult to leave. It’s a small, cosy place where everything is possible and nothing is forced as they nicely describe it on their website. Serving experimental dishes, with 6, 7 or […]

Who am I

                Hi, I am Ioana. Fancy meeting you here. Born and raised in Romania, I moved to Switzerland 6 years ago, and still trying to figure it out whether I like it or hate it here. Some people love me, some like me, others hate me. I sometimes […]

Dating in Switzerland

Dating in your 30’s is not that easy anymore. You are more pretentious, after all the bad relationships / marriage(s) you had, you know exactly what you want and you do not settle for less. Unless you are really desperate and hate to be single. I do not know about other countries, but in Switzerland […]

The man of my dreams

I dream about him often, so often that he feels so real. He is so hot and so charming, most of the time it feels strange that he is even mine. The man in my dreams loves me unconditionally, and no matter how challenging his life is next to me, he never gives up. I […]